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In what has been described as a "decade of decline" for liberal democracy, freedom has been continuously eroding all over the world. Feeling of growing disempowerment has led to political cynicism and a disconnection of the general public from the body politic. Rates of public participation and confidence in institutions and traditional parties have plummeted. With popular anger on the rise, populism has made a spectacular (re)entry on the political scene.

Worldwide, there is a palpable sense that democracy is under stress. Numerous books and articles lament the democratic 'recession,' 'decline,' or 'retreat' across the globe. Scholars have pointed to an array of factors that have contributed to this recent stress on democracy, including widening inequalities, stagnant middle - class incomes, limited social mobility, and weak political leadership.

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Democratic Sangha

Democratic Sangha is a non-partisan peoples collective to nurture democracy and forge a new social contract in India.
The Sangha strives to bring social, political and electoral reforms through its Programs and responds to the current crisis in democracy with the directive of Doubt, Debate and Dissent.

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What we do?

Democratic Sangha Programs

Rural Women's Leadership Program

Due to poor literacy rates and sociocultural norms marked...

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Right to Education

Campaign to ensure the RTE Law is implemented; Create awareness among potential beneficiaries.

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Founders Democratic Sangha

Brahmachari Chaitanya and Regina Cassandra

Brahmachari Chaitanya, the late Swami Agnivesh's student, is a novice non-traditional monk whose preoccupation with social justice and human rights has led him on the path of activism since he was just at the age of 17. He has worked with multiple foundations and activist movements in the past, emphasizing the need for universal education and socio-political freedom. His latest endeavor is Democratic Sangha, which actively advocates for safeguarding democracy.

Regina Cassandra is an Indian actress and philanthropist. She is well-known for her predominant works in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi Film Industries. She actively takes part in social work by supporting several organisations. Regina strongly believes that empowering women is essential to the health and social development of families, communities and countries. With a strong desire to create safe and fulfilled living environments for the rural women, she joined hands with Brahmachari Chaitanya and co-founded Democratic Sangha.

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Democratic Sangha is a non-partisan peoples collective to nurture democracy and forge a new social contract in India.

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